Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exciting Day - Root canal, a sore throat, an Earthquake, a sparkling, empty condo and a storage room.

Root Canal went very well. I took 2 Tylenol #3s and 2 Ativans and didn't feel a thing. My wonderful dentist (Dr Jeffrey Sher in Ajax) had the TV on and I watched most of the game with England and Slovenia. Now I have a very sore throat and my dose is blogged.

The good thing is that we are out of the house!!! It is empty and spotlessly clean. I have the blisters and aching muscles to prove it! The newly shampooed carpeting is sparkling! It looks almost as clean as when we moved in 15 years ago. I am very proud of our effort. We have also taken a short term rental at a storage facility in Ajax. It is really cheap at $70 a month for the first 3 months.

Just after I got home from the dentist I was checking my email and felt the motor home moving, rocking from side to side and I thought that there must a wind blowing suddenly. I looked out the door and it was very still, no wind. Just then the phone rang and it was Suzanne to tell me that something weird just happened. Noah said to her that the house was wobbling. She just picked up the kids and ran outside. Anyway it turns out there was a magnitude 5.0 earthquake in the Ottawa area.

All makes for an exciting day.

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