Monday, July 25, 2005

Lake Onaping

We rented a canoe from the Northwoods Lodge on Lake Onaping. On the day we had to return it, we went early and spent a couple of hours canoeing from the lodge. From there we headed north. Lake Onaping is a long narrow lake, about 48Km long, so we just got to see a tiny piece of it. It is a beautiful lake and once you get past the several homes and cottages that are situated on the southern shore, it is quite wild. There are lots of islands of all shapes and sizes and the forest comes right down to the lake shore. We saw an otter fishing in one of the little bays, but did not get a photo....he was just too quick. There was a lot of birdlife around and with the sound of the paddle and the birds in the trees, we were really touching nature. Here are some photos of our trip on Lake Onaping.

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