Monday, July 04, 2005

Hitching up and heading out!

Tomorrow, Tuesday July 5th, we are taking Dad to the airport to catch the plane to Dulles International. He will be spending 3 weeks with my sister, Patricia, in Maryland.

We will be leaving as soon as we get back from the airport. Our intention is to hitch up and leave as soon as we can, hopefully by about 3 pm. If we can make it to Parry Sound and find a place to stop, that will be good. There are several campgrounds in the area and we hope to find a spot to park for the night. If we cannot get into a campground, we will just overnight in the Wal-Mart. This will cut a big chunk out of the trip to Halfway Lake on Wednesday.

So watch this space for photos and a trip report after July 17th.

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