Friday, January 06, 2012

Surf's Up!!

This afternoon we took a drive down to Oceanside Pier. The surf is very high because of a storm out in the Pacific near Japan. There were a lot of people out with cameras taking photos. We walked along the pier watching the surfers catching the big waves. Then we walked to the end of the pier and had an early supper at Ruby's Diner.

The end of the pier against the setting sun

Lots of surf


Surfer catching a big wave

Oceanside Beach

The sun sinks into the sea
We are now home watching TV and computing.

P.S. We realized soon after we got home that Michael had lost his Cocoon Slim Line Sunglasses . I called Ruby's and yes, they are there. We will be going back to the pier on Saturday morning to pick them. He loves them as they fit right over his glasses and don't look as if he has just had eye surgery.


  1. Hello! We just had to check out your blog since you commented on ours! Not sure where Escondido is... will have to look at the map.
    Yes, making new friends is alot of fun... and yes, perhaps we will meet!

  2. Escondido is North San Diego County. Thanks for checking in. If we ever meet somewhere, we would be the Bright Whites!!

  3. Beautiful photos! Enjoy the lovely area.

  4. We visited Oceanside last year. It was gorgeous but lots of people all over. Ruby's Diner had a huge line. We had to wait forever to get a seat. However, we would certainly return because, after all, we were at the beach!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the bad roads. We leave here on Monday headed to the Mobile, AL area.

    Nice, calming pictures.

  6. Looks like another great day by the ocean, watching the surf and sunset.

  7. Love looking at the ocean, we enjoyed our time at Carlsbad Park last year, right during the Tsunami that hit... lots of people lined up along the ocean to watch...

  8. Great pictures, love the crashing surf.