Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not such good news

Virginia is not doing too well with the pain in her hip We had her to the doctor today who gave her another intramuscular cortisone shot and he has arranged for V to have a cortisone shot directly into her hip. That is arranged for tomorrow at the hospital. Hospice has given us a wheelchair to transport her around. Mentally she is alert, it is the pain which is making her life difficult at the moment. So again, no blog post from her today.

One good thing we did today was to get the forms filled in by the doctor, so that we can put her name onto the waiting list for Assisted Living at the Chateau.

Welcome, to Rick and Kathy and Jackie new readers of our blog.


  1. Sorry to hear the hip pain still is so bad, hope the cortisone helps and that the wait is short for assisted living.

  2. So sorry to hear about the pain V is suffering. Moving my Dad into assisted living was one of the best things we ever did. He was so much happier there and they took such great care of him that I felt like the burden had been lifted from my shoulders. So fingers crossed for V.

  3. Hopefully the shots will help with the pain and she can be more comfortable. Good luck with the assisted living arrangements.

  4. The assisted living is a great idea. Sure hope the shots help with the pain.