Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Escondido RV Resort

We moved into Escondido RV Resort yesterday and are trying to get settled in. My US$ bank account reads $64 after they withdrew the first months rent and the security deposit. This is quite scary! Bread and water for the next 1/2 month!! Ha ha.

The resort is very nice but very expensive for what they have here. This whole trip to California is proving to be way more expensive than we had planned. Had we been able to do it at a leisurely pace, i.e. going by the 2X2X2 rule, things would have been much more manageable. The 2X2X2 rule is this... Never travel for more than 200 miles, always arrive at your destination by 2:00 pm and never stay less than 2 days (we prefer between 1 and 2 weeks). The 1-2 week stay portion would be staying in membership campgrounds for nothing more than $10 a night, including electricity costs. Here we are paying $865 a month plus the cost of electricity, which will probably be about $75 a month. Heart Breaking! But we are doing this for my (step) American Mom who is a national treasure. I took early retirement to be more available to take care of her in her twilight years. She gave my Dad so much help when he was alive, this is the least I can do for her.

Tucked tightly in.


This road is actually on a slope. 

Our "front" yard. A trifle small!
We were going to get solar panels. but this has fallen by the wayside because we have dug severely into the solar budget. We will readdress this next year.  So, onward and upward. The good thing is that from here there are stores within walking distance, so unless we are going to V's house we do not need to use the car.


  1. Wow pricey is right! But we do what we need to do and have nice weather to do it in. Enjoy your bread and water.

  2. ha ha, thanks George. it is not quite that bad, I guess I am suffering from sticker shock!

    Thinking of taking a beak for a month after the holidays, which Coast to Coast resorts up in Desert Hot Springs or Palm Springs are good?

    Enjoy your time down in Rockport.

  3. Ha ha Beak! Must have birds on the brain! You know I mean break!