Thursday, November 10, 2011

Abita Springs to Pilot Knob

I am going to put these last few days into one blog post, for the sake of brevity. Many miles, 4 nights and a host of new sights and places.

We left Abita Springs early on Monday morning and took the I12 and then got onto the I10. We loved Louisiana and we know we will be back. Definitely to spend longer than 2 days. There is so much to see, taste and experience. We found the people to be warm and hospitable, if a bit quirky too. We loved the architecture and vegetation of the New Orleans area and the eclectic atmosphere of the French Quarter. Anyway the I 12 and then the I 10 took us west over swamps, basins and through forests. There was a very long bridge on the I10 over the Atchafalaya Basin.

Bridge over the swamp

Water visible between the two lanes

Lots of water in Louisiana


Cypress swamp

Texas came upon us quite unexpectedly and when I looked at the map, it was evident that it was going to take us three days of driving to get into New Mexico. Our first night was spent at a Camping World, just West of Houston in Katy. The Camping World is huge. Unlike the wonderful store with the full hook up in Alabama, this one was just a spot in their parking lot, with no hookups. To add to that, the receptionist was a very rude young lady. However, the cashier who attended to us with our purchases was a real honey. 

The biggest Camping World I have ever seen

From Katy, we carried on the next day and stopped in Fort Stockton, Texas, where we spent the night at the Walmart. It was very quiet and a great stopover. There were about 9 other RVs in the lot.

Fort Stockton Walmart

Some other RVs in Walmart

We left really early the next morning and made it through New Mexico to Fort Willcox, Arizona. Fort Willcox RV Resort is a passport America resort, so the night cost us about $13 for full hookup. We took the opportunity to dump, flush and fill. We met the couple on the site next to us, who have just started full timing in a 30 foot C Class....oh how well we remember trying to do that! Anyway they were having some computer problems, so I helped them by sorting their laptop out for them.  The evening was absolutely gorgeous, crisp clear and a big full moon. Fort Willcox RV Park is a small park. Very neat and clean. There is a ramada which is a bit dilapidated, but functional. The washrooms were clean. Showers were about 50c for 6 minutes. There are a few fulltimers living there, but the mobile homes are neat and in good repair. A nice campground and a great overnight stop.

Our site. Only 3 other RVs there

Full moon and a beautiful sunset over the mountains

Flocks of birds

Front gate

Once more an early start and a good drive to Winterhaven, California where we are now camped at Pilot Knob RV Resort. Another membership park. 

Pilot Knob is another big RV parking lot. Looks very clean and well groomed.

We just fit onto the site without unhooking the car.

Tomorrow we do the last leg of our journey to North San Diego County. 
Below are some more photos taken from the motorhome and in rest stops. Great trip. We have averaged 10 MPG for this leg of the journey.

Flat land and wide open skies

Some states have the nicest decorations on the overpasses

Mountains and cloudes

Rest area picnic site

Another picnic area in New Mexico

Lunch time parking

A plethora of signs

Mountain ranges in the distance

Amazing rock formations

An Interstate overpass


Picacho Peak

Another rest stop

Still quite a few states to fill in on our map


Texas Canyon
Entering California


  1. We love Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, can't wait to get back there. You guys didn't waist anytime, we won't be there until January,(we drive slower). To bad you don't have time to do a quick trip to Mexico (Algadones) only 10 minutes from Pilot Knob, its always a fun time.
    Travel safe and have fun.

  2. We will probably do it much slower next time. Time in Vista - Oceanside - San Marcos - Escondido area is a priority at the moment.