Thursday, November 04, 2010

Move in Day is tomorrow!

Tomorrow we go and pick up the new Seneca! I am so excited that I can hardly think.

We love the RVing lifestyle. If we don't like the neighbours, we move. If we don't like the view we move. See different places. Sleep in our own bed at night, no matter where we are. Cook in our own kitchen, no matter where we are. Can clean it in no time at all, and it's a bungalow. No property taxes, no mortgage fees, no condo fees, no water bills, no natural gas fees, no house insurance, no snow shoveling, no grass mowing. Very low rental rates,  ($0 to $300 a month).  This is our condo on wheels. The one we have now is great for holidays and weekends, but as a full time home it is too small. So we have been looking for a while. This one was on sale at our local RV dealership. It is a diesel, has only 6,000 miles on it and we got it for a good price. Lots of space and storage areas, and it's all on one level. It has a large generator so we can even camp in the boonies where there is no electricity. Our next step is into a nursing/retirement home! You only live once!

We have taken a seasonal site at Cedar Beach for next summer, April 1st to October 31st. Less than $300 a month. We can still go travelling to different areas.  Winter we will meander slowly down to Oceanside, put the RV in storage in Escondido and stay at our American Mother's house. Again we can still do some trips in and around Southern California as we also have a Coast to Coast campground membership that is $10 a day to stay. The campground membership has over 1600 resorts in the US and Canada.  Can't wait to get moving!

I calculated how much we made out of the condo in 15 years after paying all those fees and costs and came out at a minus number. Seems a little pointless. At least this way we will be able to save some money! and have a blast in the living!


  1. Daryl,
    If you travel through Central Coast California area as you move south, please stop by Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and say hi to the campground hosts out front - me and John! Take care. I feel your excitement!

  2. Sure will, Levonne. Thanks for the comment.