Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A week to go!!

One week to move out date. The condo is pretty much packed up. We move the MH onto the site at Cedar Beach this Sunday. Hopefully everything will be moved. Michael and I will just go back to the condo in the evenings to clean and to shampoo the carpets. I seem to have a whole lot of stuff to move in and I hope we will have space for it all.
There will have to be a travelling mode and a parking mode, with the parking mode being using the cockpit for the plastic drawers etc that we had in the back during travelling.

We have noticed a new problem in that there seems to be a leak somewhere in the back storage areas. Michael thinks that it is probably up on the roof and once we are parked next week, he will go up to take a look. Have to find some EternaBond to fix the back roof area if there is some separation or bad sealant.

Two weeks to retirement. I am excited but also very nervous. Although we have absolutely no debt, I am still concerned that we will be able to make it on my pension and the measly Canadian Pension Plan. Our life insurance has gone up and our Extended Health Care will also be an added $250 a month. On the good side, I have been offered a couple of positions back at the hospital once my 3 months away period is over. A couple of shifts a week should keep us well provided for "Extra" money. There are also a few ideas brewing at the back of my mind.

Looking at solar panels and the RV.NET forums have been invaluable in teaching this ignoramus about solar and the installation thereof. Michael doesn't want to install them himself, but I think he can. It is not a very complicated task. We'll see!

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