Thursday, June 17, 2010

RV Leak

Just after yesterdays downpour, Michael went to the MH and looked at where the water was coming in. He and I both had the idea that it must be running through the seal at the top of the rear cap. We have the MH parked a slight slope so that the rain water would drain off the back. Well, what he found was that the water was indeed draining off the back, running down the outsides and straight into the 2 side compartments. I guess they need new seals. Thankfully the rain does not go into the back behind the wall. That would have been a really big problem.

This weekend coming we are switching spots with the Alves family. They are moving their MH into our storage spot and we are moving onto their seasonal spot in Cedar Beach.

Time is moving so fast now. This time next week we are out of the condo. Amazing!

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  1. Hi Daryl; Sorry to hear abour your leak! They can sure be a pain! Some years ago we had a similar problem with a leak on the drivers side compartment - it turned out to be a failed sealant around the hot-water tank, which was right above it. Thankfully we're dry now...knock on wood...

    If you can't get it fixed here, I'm sure they can get it solved in Winkler.