Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Moving on from Quartzsite

This morning we were up early (well, early for us) and had a light breakfast and took Timmy out for his morning walk. Goodbyes all round for those us who are still here. George and Suzie had left a little earlier and were headed west to Borrego Springs. That left just Gerry and Melinda and Rick and Kathy  behind for a few more days at La Posa South.

Melinda and Gerry

Kathy and Rick

We drove by the dump station but there were 4 rigs ahead of us so we decided to just carry on to our next stop carrying all the grey and black water on board. It was only 30 miles to Salome KOA. We are staying here under our RPI membership and so we are only paying $14 a night. A really good deal. Full hook up and free internet. It is a really nice park but in the back of beyond. In fact it is near the town of Nothing, AZ. On our way here we drove past a place called Hope. We were very amused to see a sign that said "You are now beyond Hope".  So it is going to be a very quiet week and time to catch up on computer and app updates, laundry and have some long hot showers. There is also a nice pool and hot tub that I will be trying.

We have a back in site and we are surrounded by RVs. We are both feeling a little claustrophobic after the wide open spaces on the BLM land. Boondocking in the desert has really grown on us.

I liked the look of this Retro trailer

Beautiful mountain views

The little guy!

Tonight's Sunset

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  1. Was nice to see you guys again after all these years, and yes we do get spoiled with the wide open spaces of the desert. full hookups is nice once in a while too. Have fun and travel safe.