Thursday, February 16, 2017

A change of plans and heading home

Needles, California

When we first set out on this journey in November last year, we had pretty much decided to wander around Southern Arizona and California for December, January and February and then start heading up the west coast into British Columbia visiting friends along the way.

We have really enjoyed our time so far, spending time in RV Resorts and boondocking in the desert at Holtville Hot Spring and Quartzsite. The extended boondocking was a first for us and I must say that we coped very well, considering the fact that we have no solar panels and small tanks in the trailer.

Our first boondocking experience was at Hot Spring LTVA near Holtville, CA. $40 for 2 weeks. We kept our batteries charged with a small generator we had bought while we were in Benson.

Our spot in the desert at Hot Spring LTVA

After a brief storm

Dee in the hot tub

Dee and Aline in the hot tub

The oasis where the hot spring run off goes.

A little piece of desert paradise
 After a week at Pilot Knob Resort near Yuma we moved up to La Posa South LTVA just south of Quartzsite. We stayed there 2 weeks while the big RV show was on.
The views around Quartzsite are wonderful

The sunsets are spectacular

The space between RV is fantastic

Just find a spot and pull in and set up. No neighbours, Very few rules, and lots of peace and quiet.

We started off close to a small wash, but after a storm we got a bit of a scare when it filled up rapidly, so we moved!

Lots of Happy Hours with friends from Ontario.

Now we have come to a crossroads, we will be going to Palm Springs on the weekend for 3 weeks and then the plan is to go to Wilderness Lakes in Menifee for 2 weeks, but we have decided not to go up to BC, instead to turn around and start the slow meander home via the southern states. The route is not determined yet.

The reasons?? Firstly, Michael feels that the truck will struggle through the mountains in the north west. Secondly, our little trailer is very basic and not fitted out for cold weather camping, i.e. exposed tanks and plumbing, single glazed windows and not very well insulated. And Thirdly, the weather in the west seems to be very unpredictable this year with lots of rain and potentially lots of snow in the mountains. So we will put that trip on a bucket list for another year when we are better equipped. Maybe, going west through Canada and then south to Arizona in the fall. That is what is so great about this lifestyle, plans can be made and changed at an instant.

Thanks for following along and we love comments.


  1. We too have learned to cope with boondocking in a small travel trailer. It's amazing how good you can be about not wasting any water. The weather up north has really been wild this winter. I saw where Washington and Oregon were getting hit pretty hard today. Definitely keep an eye on the weather no matter which direction. And there is so much to see and experience no matter where you head so have fun.

    1. We are having fun down here in the south west this winter. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Glad to see you are still Enjoying your escape from the Canadian version of Winter. Like you said plans are Flexible so just do what works. Hopefully you'll be better equipped next winter and we are looking seeing you again in our Winter Hide Away.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick and Kathy. We also wonder where we will be next winter. One thing we know. It will be somewhere warm!

  3. We had changed our plans a few year ago like you, we wanted to go to BC and across Canada, but the weather was not in our favour. Nice that you had a chance to experience the southwest and spend some time with us this winter, travel safe and enjoy wherever you go.