Saturday, March 02, 2013

Long Pine Key and The Anhinga Trail

From Flamingo we went on to Long Pine Key, which is actually closer to the Royal Palm gate than Flamingo. The park is a lot smaller, but very neat. No hookups. Our site was E28. Nice and level and very roomy. We only stayed one night as the main reason for going to Long Pine Key was to take the Ranger led walk on the Anhinga Trail.
This was the highlight of our trip to the Everglades. Birds galore, alligators and beautiful plants. Again I will let the pictures tell the story.
The start of the trail.
Blue Heron
Female Anhinga
Wood Stork
Blue Heron
Blue Heron
An Anhinga drying it's wings
I spy with my little eye!
Storks and Herons (I think)
A Green Heron.
On the prowl.
Alligator jumping out of the water to catch a bird in the vegetation. Darn near scared the living daylights out of me!
The Alligator has caught his prey. Look at the fullness on the left side of his throat. He is almost completely out of the water, except for his tail.
Michael on the boardwalk along with the rest of our group.
Bromeliads. Air Plants that have no roots.
Mangrove trees full of birds.
Our very knowledgable guide, Charlie Wilson.
info boards.
Beautiful bromeliads
Mama Anhinga on the nest. On the left, one chick is visible.
Lurking in the vegetation.
Such evil looking reptiles.
Safe above the water and the alligators
Dee on the boardwalk.
Male Anhinga
Female Anhinga
Male Anhinga bird
What makes the Everglades?
If you look very careful you can see a turtle between the two yellow rocks.
Anhinga Trail info board
Pesky Vultures!
Some people come prepared and cover their cars while they are on the trail.
Site E28. Long Pine Key Campground
Plenty of room to park the car on the driver side.


  1. wow. .thanks for taking us along on your hike! We hope to get to the Everglades someday. You sure got some fantastic sights to snap pics of.

    Karen and Steve
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