Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hunting Island State Park

After leaving Thousand Trails, Orlando we did a long drive up to South Carolina against a strong north wind. I had booked our site, at Hunting Island State Park, quite recently and therefore got a really small site (#99) in the bushes! But that is OK, we have our own bed, shower, kitchen wherever we go, so the small site is just the thing to test our attitude. We have decided to like it, no matter what. We have the ocean just a short walk away. We have 50 amps and a water hookup, and Timmy is having a ball. He loves the beach, going crazy and running all over the place, sending up sprays of sand as he does his running and wheeling. A few exploratory gallops into the water before settling down to digging huge holes.

The weather was windy and cold the whole week. Last night we had some severe thunderstorms roll through with the threat of tornadoes. No tornado but some pretty strong winds with some small branches falling down onto the roof of the RV. Today it has been warm and still. It seems the weather blew itself out last night. I wish it had been like this the whole week!

Our site #99 was not the greatest site. It was pretty small and we were at the junction of 2 campground roads.

I met up with my old school friend, Sheila, from Hilton Head Island and the two of us went to the Shrimp Shack for their shrimp burgers. Don't know why they are so popular as we both thought they were decidedly under whelming. Stodgy shrimp burgers on doughy white bread buns with a smear of tartar sauce. Michael and I went back a few days later and bought some flounder fillets and fries which was very tasty.

Sheila and I went to the Penn Center in St Helena. This was very interesting and is totally worth the visit. It is not a big museum, but is very interesting. It was the first school for freed slaves on the Island of St Helena. I did not get any photos inside the museum, but here is one of Sheila and I taken outside.

Bundled up. It was chilly!
Our pathway down to the ocean.
As you can see we are wedged in amongst the vegetation.
The beach and the river.
Interesting water sculptures.

On Wednesday we leave Hunting Island and head North to Myrtle Beach. Closer and closer to home.



  1. Beautiful spot close to the ocean. We dodged the windy area in New Mexico today and will enter Texas and Oklahoma tomorrow. We are heavily concidering of making a beeline towards Myrtle Beach instead of going north. Every place north of Tennessee seems to be still in the dead of winter. Your photos are definitely very tempting.

    1. It is cool over this side of the country. Toto, we ain't in the Keys any more! If you do get over here, please let me know and we can maybe meet up somewhere!

  2. Wow.. what a great parking spot. Just love the though of idly walking out of your rig for a stroll on the beach... right at your door!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. I am trying to catch up on my reading.....just want to say the beach is beautiful. I liked your spot.....way private! And oh my how cute is the picture of Timmy at the beach!

    By now your on your way....be safe! Love Myrtle Beach!

  4. We stayed at Hunting Beach on our way south last October. Loved it. Especially the Barefoot Market on St Helena - their chef makes great gumbo that they package in jars for you to take home. Also fabulous strawberry jam.

  5. We loved Hunting Island ... we stayed there in December when there were plenty of sites to be had. Had a great site and enjoyed triking and walking on the beach during low tide.