Sunday, February 10, 2013

Matlacha Island

Between Pine Island and Fort Myers, there is a small island called Matlacha (pronounced MAT-la-shey). It is only a short drive from the RV Park, so we decided to pack Timmy and his stroller into the car and off we went, in search of a seafood lunch and a walk around the town.

Here are the pictures of the quirky buildings in the town. Most colourful!

Andy's Seafood Market where we bought our lunch.
Our outside picnic bench overlooked the Matlacha Passage
Large and Jumbo Shrimp
Fish Fillets on ice.
Our Crab Cakes on a Cuban bun. Delicious.



  1. Cool day and the crab cakes looked good.

  2. I love those buildings. Gives me a very cheerie feeling.

    Send me some of those jumbo shrimp please.

  3. The colorful buildings remind me of our time in Mexico. Looks like a fun day.

  4. What a colorful tour! I will take a stack of those shrimp too!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  5. Great Photo's of the Market & Matlacha! We are tweeting and posting to our Facebook Page!!

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Andy's Island Seafood

    1. We really enjoyed our crab cakes and even stopped by a few days later and bought your grouper sandwiches for another treat. I cannot remember if we posted about those very delicious sandwiches. We will be back! Thanks!