Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Shoehorned in.

We arrived here yesterday, after a very gruelling drive from Thousand Trails Orlando......NOT! It was a very easy 23 mile drive up the road. We were assigned our site, which is very narrow and the sewer drain is almost in the middle of the site. Needless to say, Michael drove right over it, but it does seem to be OK.

We eventually got lined up and hooked up, to find that the tree on the site blocked the satellite signal. Shoulda checked that first, I guess. Luckily we still have our little Carry Out, which has miraculously started working again, after it broke down in Maryland. Michael got that going and so he is happy. He can watch Velocity and a billion crime stories as well as all the news he wants to watch. 

Site D-9
Our view
Thank goodness the neighbours do not have an awning as it would touch our RV if it was out.

Bee's Resort is OK. Just OK. I guess we were spoiled at Orlando. We are squeezed into a long narrow site with a big diesel pusher on the passenger side. The good thing about that is that it blocks the hot afternoon sun so we have some shade to sit in. The motorhome that moved into the site next to us, is almost in our living area. But, hey, I have my own bed, kitchen and bathroom and it is only costing us $10 a night. The people here are very friendly and we have had some nice conversations with our neighbours.  Hoping to get to know more as we take part in some of the activities.

The Honey Pot restaurant. Looking forward to the fish fry on Friday.
Pond in the middle of the resort
Pool with cold water....Brrrr.
The Bee Hive activity center. They have quite a lot of things going here through the week,
Water front sites to buy.
Very full campground
Owned sites
Transient sites on grass
The Pavilion
Our street
A few days ago Michael noticed that our slide toppers had started tearing off the insertion point on the motorhome, especially bad on the large slide. When we came into the park yesterday we saw a guy near the entrance who was advertising screen and awnings, so Michael asked him today if he could take a look at it. George came over and took a look at the topper and gave us a quote. We did not think that he would be able to fix it today.

After lunch we decided to take a drive over to Apopka lake to see if we could hike the Restoration area. We got there and could not find the right path to take and it also looked a bit dangerous to take a fluffy little white dog into an area where there are lots of alligators, so we packed in that idea and took the scenic drive home where we found George and his wife, Rosemary busy fixing the slide topper. He was able to just cut the torn area off, resew the rib in and refit it. $125 well spent. The small topper is not too badly damaged, so we can wait awhile before we see to that.

Today it was 81F, that is 27C,  Love the weather!

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  1. That space does look a little tight but hey, the price is right!! Glad you didn't bring lunch to the alligators. Gotta watch out for the fur babies.

  2. We did two weeks at Bees, and were given a Waterfront site on the pavestones. really enjoyed that spot. And the campground was rather empty, so lotsa room.We enjoyed both the fish fry and chicken om Tuesday.

  3. The water front sites do look nice....glad you got the toppers fixed. We will need to have that done soon as well. Hope we are as lucky as you! The weather there seems great. We are in San was sleeting this morning......burrrrr!

    Take care....enjoy the fish fry!