Friday, March 02, 2012

Bernardo Winery

Where are we today? 
Bernardo Winery

Our "spot"

We asked Bernardo Winery if we could stay 2 nights (Thursday and Friday). Permission was given. We parked down in the lower area near some multi-million dollar homes where the "Ball Players live" we were told by the winery staff. Don't know which ball players, but we think it is baseball because we found a wifi internet signal with the name of ALEast. Encrypted so we could not use it.

Harvest Hosts is an organization which allows members to park at Wineries, Farms and Orchards for free. usually for only 1 night at a time. At the right is the Harvest Host Logo. Click on it to be taken to their wen site. If you decide to join, please enter our names into the "Referred By" field. That way, you will get an extra free month added to your membership as will we.

At Bernardo Winery we met a British couple, Elaine and Robert. They have been travelling in their Fleetwood Bounder for the past few years. They store the motorhome in British Columbia and fly over to Canada every year to spend the winter months travelling North America. We spent some time chatting and, again, it felt as if we had known them for longer than just a few days.

Our stay was really nice. We were close enough to the Chateau to get there if we were needed, but far away enough to get a much needed break. Friday morning there is a farmer's market at the winery and we bought some yummy granola and some fresh strawberries.

Walking through the Winery "Town"
Farmer's Market 

Cafe Merlot

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