Thursday, December 22, 2011

What the......?

I can't stand it! Another leak! This morning we found water dripping out under the sofa/galley slide on the passenger side of the Seneca. There was a big puddle on the concrete pad. Luckily we had some time before going over to V's house to help her with some house tidying and box putting away.

Michael removed all the stuff inside the cupboard under the kitchen sink and tore the inside of the kitchen cupboard out. It was soaked under there. The electrical wiring and switch boxes are all soaked. How discouraging! He could not see the leak and all the pipes and drains from the sink were dry. Then we pulled the slide in and looked under the sink from the bathroom side. There he found 4 of those same wing nut/connectors. He moved one and the water started pouring out. A loose connector! He tightened that up and so far so good. It all seems to be dry.

Here are some pictures of the pipes (riveting stuff!) and also some more photos of our Seneca in Escondido RV Resort on our new site, taken from the park just outside the gates. We stick out like a sore thumb. In a sea of white RVs we are just about the only brown one! The "darkies" of the resort!
The area under the kitchen sink where the leak had soaked the floor
The winged connectors where the leak came from
There we are at the top center of the photo
Close up


  1. The joys of Rving, always something fix or repair, whether its a new coach or older one, gives us retired people something to do! LOL....

  2. Are there any more of those stupid connectors anywhere that need to be tightened? I cannot believe they have done such a poor job of putting the connectors on in the first place. Leaks are so frustrating and take so long to find. I think you look really sharp in there amidst all the white.

  3. You are right George and Suzie, there is always something to do. Our coach is almost 5 years old, I wonder how much maintenance the previous owner put into it. We were wondering if he sold it because of the water problems. Maybe he never did anything and that is why we are not experiencing all these leaks. We know more than we would like about the plumbing of this vehicle! but then maybe that is a good thing.

    Jim and Sandy, those connectors that Michael had to tighten yesterday are the stupidest of all! It is 2 female ends joined to a double male connector, so if you tighten one, the other turns the opposite way and loosens the other female end. Wonder who the genius is at Jayco that designed the plumbing! We also noticed that the pipe draining the sink into the grey water tank goes uphill!!??!! We are going to Jayco in the spring. They will get a piece of our minds.