Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas plans

This is the first time we have been away from our immediate family over Christmas. It is hard not to see our grandchildren opening their gifts and not to be sitting down for dinner with our children. We are a long way away from them. Thank goodness for modern technology when we can talk to them over Skype. Of course, if we want to share the gift opening we will probably have to get up at about 3:00 am as they are 3 hours ahead of us!! Wonder if that will happen! Here are a few pictures of our beautiful grandsons.

Owen and Noah


We will be having dinner at the Chateau with V. No cooking or washing up. Before dinner V is having some of her friends over for cocktails, Then we all move into the dining room where she has arranged 2 tables with a total of about 12 people. A full Christmas dinner cooked by the professional chefs. On Christmas Day we are having brunch at the Chateau and then V, Michael and I are going to take an afternoon cruise around the San Diego harbour. The weather is going to be really warm, but we know that it gets cool and dark very quickly down here, so we will have warm jackets. Did you know that the Pacific is very cold, unlike the nice warm Indian Ocean where we used to live? I still have not managed to get myself into the water down here. Even just putting my feet in has me gasping!

The weather report is calling for frost tonight. I think we will have to keep the furnace on overnight. We have been turning it off and just using the electric mattress pad. We do not want the pipes to freeze and have us start up with water leaks again! I think we need to look into getting a propane catalytic heater. They are supposed to use less propane and they do not use electricity.

If anyone has one of these heaters, please let us know how you like it?

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  1. We recently purchased a blue flame heater and absolutely love it. It uses much less propane and no electricity required.