Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting ready for the Big Trek.

Less than 2 weeks for lift off!! I have lists and lists of things to do. Flu shots, pick up prescriptions and get medications,and US dollars from the bank. I have forwarded all our mail to San Marcos, California (my American Mom's address) through Canada Post. Travel Health policy is in place. Bell Satellite is on hold, internet, on hold, iPad 3G Sim Card cancelled. Deposit paid for next season up here in Cedar Beach. Motorhome is booked into our dealership to get a water leak seen to.  List of things to put into the storage locker and things to get out of the storage locker. Stockpile of Tim Horton's coffee to buy.

We are getting so excited! The route we have chosen is in the image below. Use the controls to view the whole route. The stop in Maryland is at my sister's house where we will park on her driveway for about 2 to 3 days. We estimate our arrival in Escondido to be around November 15th. We may need to change our route depending on the weather. We then head over to Escondido where we have a reservation at Champagne Lakes RV Resort. We were going to stay in Virginia's house, but she has a winter tenant, so we will be in the motorhome.

We have a several apps on the iPad from AllStays to show us overnight stops, RV Parks, Diesel fuel stops, iExit etc. Very handy and show details according to where we are on the trip. I will get an ATT Sim Card when we get into the US. I also found a very useful site on Weather Underground which will show you the weather on your route. Another great site is Road Trip America.

I am looking at increasing our arsenal of Camping Memberships and have found I can get AOR for $895 from our home park in Texas. Considering this, as it will give us a lot more parks where we can stay for very little cost, even if we don't use it immediately, it will come in handy once we are freer in our travel plans every year. We have Coast to Coast, Passport America and Escapees.

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  1. There is just no feeling like getting on the road with your house and exploring the country of ours. We didn't go through the tunnel - but it wasn't because of the height (we are 12' 9") it was because of our length and trying to make it around some of the tighter curves. I wouldn't hesitate to go through if we didn't have the boat with us.

    Also, have you given any thought to maybe getting rid of the word verification on your comment section? A lot of people won't comment because of the frustrations we have with it. Like poor internet connections on the road. Just a suggestion.

  2. Word verification gone!