Friday, October 28, 2011

Cedar Beach Park to Campark, Niagara.

We will not be going through the border until Sunday. Looking at Weather Underground Trip Planner , it shows ice and rain for the New York, Pennsylvania area tomorrow, so we will stop at Campark in Niagara Falls. We will have full hook-up so can run the heaters, fill and dump tanks and then make a quick drive through the border at Rainbow Bridge or Fort Erie.

Cedar Beach has turned off their water, so life is getting a bit more difficult here. Time to leave!

We were offered a spot on a friend's driveway, where we would have had electricity, but no water or dump, so decided to stop over at an RV park instead.

Here is the route we will be taking tomorrow.


  1. When they start turning off the water, it is definitely time to get out of town. Safe travels.

  2. Thank you, you too!