Monday, February 06, 2017

Living it up in Salome.

Salome, Arizona

Well, not exactly living it up. We have just been taking it easy. Walks, reading, computer updates, swims and soaks in the hot tub. Until today, the weather has been just great. Today was cloudy and cool.

Timmy enjoys his walks around new neighbourhoods. They are always a great adventure for him with new smells around every corner and under every bush. There is a warning about venomous snakes being out so we are always very watchful for rattlers.

Next to the campground is a gift store which is crammed with stuff, both inside and out. Lots of ceramics, blankets and other ornaments imported from Mexico. Outside there is a huge collection of "Yard Art". We have no inclination to buy anything or take it back to Canada so it was good to look and walk away.

Today was the park's pot luck dinner. We did not go, instead I made a fantastic Lamb stew in my Instant Pot. I just love that appliance.

Lots of citrus trees dotted around the resort.

Our neighbours left today. Hope they don't fill these spaces too soon.

Cactus garden

Rec hall

Cactus garden

Timmy checking his pee-mail.

mini golf

The outdoor metal sculptures were very cool indeed...and VERY expensive. If you had the money to spare you could drop a thousand or more on some of these.

This shop is right next to the campground.

and a quick walk back to the KOA

Oh Canada...

So glad you dropped by for a visit. Please leave us a comment.


  1. Glad you are enjoying it there, with full hookups and the pool. We don't much care for pot luck meals either, other than Christmas and Thanksgiving. Very similar metal sculptures to some of the ones in this area too, But many giant ones scattered around the desert here.

    1. Hoping to see those sculptures in AB again. We were there in 2012. I am sure they have not changed much.

  2. Glad to see you are enjoying the RV Park, and get to try the Pool. Seeing Sculptures is fun but Impractical for the Lifestyle.
    We used to attend Pot Lucks for Special Meals or Holidays but since we've been "Off the Grid" we might rethink eve that.
    Be Safe watching out for snakes and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No snakes seen yet. Hope it stays that way. Thanks for stopping by.