Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To see or not to see, that is the question!

Today we took a boat ride with Manatee World, up the Caloosahatchie And Orange Rivers to see manatees. I am told we did see manatees, but I cannot be sure. the reason we chose this tour was because we were allowed to take Timmy with us.

We get to see an alligator at last
Metal sculpture in memory of some guy who owned land in the area.
There are some big birds in the rookery
Our captain
Timmy enjoying the ride
Michael watching the river ahead. That island ahead was full of birds.
That brown smudge under the mangrove foliage is a manatee. So they say.
I am told that brownish smudge near the center of the picture is a manatee.
Our Tour Boat




  1. The metal sculpture is super.
    Glad your trip was successful and you got to see several manatees.

    1. Were those brown blobs manatees? I am still in doubt. LOL!

  2. Never having seen a manatee outside a zoo, I would have trouble seeing that brown blob and knowing what it was. But Timmy sure looked happy to be along for the ride.