Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tampa RV Supershow

Oh, my! What an exhausting day, but what a wonderful show. We focused on the halls as we are not in the market to buy a new RV. I did peek inside a few of the luxury motorhomes, but they are just a little too Las Vegas for me. All those lights and shiny bits are not my style. The Prevosts seem to be selling quite well as a few had SOLD signs on them. I did check out the new Jayco Senecas and the Newmars. Would have liked to get to the Holiday Ramblers, but my feet gave out.

Inside the halls we were looking for the Thousand Trails booth as I was interested in getting the Max Pass, which we did, but we had to buy another zone to get it, and as the show special was 2 zones for the price of 1 we bought the North East and the South West plus the Max Pass. We now have access to another 6 campgrounds in Florida including Sunshine Keys. I already have a reservation for Sunshine Keys at $399 for a week, so will call them tomorrow and see if we can change the reservation to a Max Pass one and get a refund, which will be almost the amount we paid for the upgrade. Method in my madness.

We took Timmy with us, as it was too hot to leave him in his crate in the car and too long to leave him at home. The problem with taking Timmy was that, because he is such a social dog, we could not go 5 yards without him being petted by someone, or wanting to be petted by someone, or tripping someone up, or meeting another dog, or rolling on the floor, or just lying down and refusing to move. He also got some treats from one of the booths and we were no sooner around the corner and he threw everything up right in the middle of the aisle. We had to wait until someone could bring us some paper towels to clean it up. We went into Hall B and there was a pet sales area that was selling some of those pet strollers. Yeah, I know he is the most pampered pet in North America, but for our sanity and in the interests of protecting him and the public from him, we bought one. It is wonderful. We were able to see so much more and so much quicker. I always laughed at people pushing their dogs around in strollers, but now I see the value of it, especially with such a small dog.

While we were there and walking toward the exit, out of the blue, our friends,Jim and Jan, from Orlando/Rolling Ridge appeared out of the blue. It was such a pleasant surprise. We chatted for a while and then we hobbled out. What a coincidence. All those thousands of people and in all that huge show grounds, we bump into them. And we had no idea that they were going to be there, nor they us.

After 7 hours of walking around the show, we hobbled back to the car. After a quick supper of left overs, I took some pain killers for my poor arthritic feet and knees, fell into bed and slept for 14 hours!! I must be getting old.

Next year we will try and reserve a camping spot in the Fairgrounds.
I did not take many photos, but here are a few of those I did take.

One of the Prevosts, probably in the million dollar range.
Another million dollar Prevost
Michael insisted that I took a photo of the engine in the Newell Coach
The trolley ferrying people around. It took so long to get around that we walked almost everywhere.
Some of the entertainment
African musicians. The guy was from Senegal.
Entertainment float
Early crowds starting to come in


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  1. Great idea to get the stroller..
    I do hope you get your refund. Looking forward to seeing Sunshine Keys in your blog.
    WOW...what a coach! But I do agree with you, not my style either!
    Stay safe...until later!