Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We were screwed!

A week or so ago, when Michael was trying to find the source of our water leak, he had the cover off the wheel well and as we two DIY dummies were peering into the dark abyss, I noticed a screw sticking out of the tread of the rear outside dually. Michael turned on the tire pressure monitors and saw that the air was slowly seeping out of that tire. After a search online and a call to Sonrise RV in Escondido, we were given the name of Golden State Tire, just a mile down the road from us. So this morning we were up at the crack of mid-morning and pulled the Seneca out. What a fantastic company! They had the wheel off and tire repaired in about 30 minutes. We got the bill for an amazing $21.27, which will be paid for us by our tire warranty company. Happy Day!

The Culprit!

Wheel removed. Inside dually wheel visible

Alphonso removing the tire

Are we ready yet?
Back home, set up again and time for a bit of a spring clean inside and walkabout with chats with our neighbours. Before we went to Palm Springs for the week, I had made a comment that we had not met any of our neighbours around us. On returning from PS we were moved to a new site and what a change! What lovely neighbours we have! We met John and Nancy at the Christmas cocktail hour, they are not parked near us, but we consider them neighbours. Then I met Pam and Steve from Custer, South Dakota, who were in the process of moving up to Nob Hill (my name for our upper level because this where all the big rigs are parked). They are now 2 sites away from us in their lovely Allegro RED motorhome, and then we met Randy and Sandy from Oregon, who are across the road from us in their Montana Fifth Wheel. 

This afternoon I spent a while chatting to Pam and Steve and it turns out that Pam is also a Registered Nurse. We just talked and talked. I feel as if I have known her for ever. What joy life can bring! I love this lifestyle where we can meet such lovely people from all over the US and Canada.


  1. RVers are such friendly people and if you just say hi they will come right over and join you. Love it. And it's so nice when it's a nice quick easy fix.

  2. Yes, we had tried to talk to folk on the other side of the campground, but really got nowhere. We decided that it was because they were all here for just a few days. These folk are here for a more extended stay, or maybe we just lucked out. I hope to eventually meet everyone who is on our blog list.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It led me to your blog. Isn't that what this is all about?

    I know exactly what you mean about being in a park and not meeting the neighbors. Yet, when you happen into another spot you tend to find others that are friendly.

    We spent some time in San Diego last year and loved the area.

    It is a great life... north in the summer and south in the winter.

    I'll be following your adventures!

  4. Looks like you are getting around a bit. The beauty of the lifetsyle is sometimes you meet people and sometimes not, We don't worry we meet lots especially if we are outside or at functions, and just keep moving enjoying the scenery. Just keep having fun.