Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I really have nothing to write about today because we just stayed home in the RV. Oh, except for a 2 mile walk, during which I twisted my right knee and was disabled for a while. It is now braced and feeling much better after taking a dose of Tylenol Arthritis. So I have decided to post some recent photos.
P.S, It was wonderfully warm today and I enjoyed sitting outside in the sun, reading and watching Michael pottering around doing "stuff" as only a man can do :-)

Christmas lights at San Diego Botanical Gardens, Encinitas
V enjoying the evening out 

Bromeliads at San Diego Botanical Gardens
Michael reading a plaque
Prickly cacti
Some more
Lights at the craft house

Christmas Dinner at The Chateau at San Marcos
V's friend, Jeannie, and Dee
Our naughty senior citizens after they were found in a closed off area
1000 bed hospital ship
US Navy ships
Michael at sunset
Coronado Bridge
Beautiful evening for a sail
Coronado Bridge
San Diego
San Diego
Beautiful building overlooking the marina
Seaport Village and Embarcadero 

The Midway, Aircraft Carrier Museum
Statue of sailor kissing the nurse
The Midway, end on


  1. Nice pictures, now take care of that knee.

  2. Thanks George and Suzie, Knee is braced and feeling much better. V, on the other hand is not doing well and I think has concussion from her fall. Trip to the doc this afternoon.