Saturday, April 22, 2017

We were all ears!!

Golden Ears Provincial Park
April 21st 2017

Saturday saw us going out to Maple Ridge to visit friends from our days back in Yellowwood Park in Durban, South Africa. We met Dave and Liz van Rooyen when we were all bringing up our kids in the '70s and Michael knew Dave though work. We met up with them again after we moved to Canada and they arrived here as well, a few years later. They lived in Ontario for while and then relocated to British Columbia. 

We had a wonderful day with them walking around Golden Ears Provincial Park. Some info about Golden Ears:

Nature and Culture

  • History: The park was named after the twin peaks of Mount Blanshard near the peak’s western boundary. Originally part of Garibaldi Provincial Park, the establishment of Golden Ears Park in 1927 recognized the almost impenetrable mountain barrier between the two areas.
  • Cultural Heritage: Human activity in Golden Ears, both past and present, has been confined to the accessible Alouette Valley in the south of the park. In the 1920s, the forested slopes of the valley became the site of BC’s greatest railroad logging operation until a disastrous fire swept through the valley in 1931. The lake and its forested surroundings were also the traditional hunting and fishing grounds for the Douglas-Lillooet (Interior Salish) and Katzie (Coast Salish) First Nations peoples.
  • Conservation: The park represents the Coastal Western Hemlock biogeoclimatic zone and is characterized by a second-growth forest of western hemlock, western red cedar and Douglas fir. There are a series of sphagnum bogs at the south end of Alouette Lake.
  • Wildlife: The park’s lush plant growth, numerous waterways, and mountainous terrain provide habitat to a variety of animals including beaver, deer, black bear, and mountain goat. 
Then we walked around the local area where the van Rooyen's live. Very nice residential area with views of fields and mountains. Sorry, did not take photos.

Michael and Dave on the trail

Rapids above the lake

Amazing colour of the water in the river.

A tiny waterfall.

Moss covered trees

Alouette lake. The mountains in the distance are covered cloud.

Michael and Dave fixing the problems of the world.

Liz and Dee. It was a chilly day.

There is that beautiful green river again

Moss on the old logs. 

Driftwood bench

Time to head back to the van Rooyen's house

Just gorgeous

The water is crystal clear emerald.

Enjoying time with old friends

Two gorgeous Yellowwood Park girls.

Thanks for following along on our epic journey.


  1. We were just wondering how the three of you are doing and here I find that you've posted. Looks like you are still covering some of your travels with all the beautiful Scenery. Hope that when you do make it back to Ontario we'll still hear more of your adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. So nice to meet up with friends on the road an get together again. Looks like you are having too much fun still.

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