Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Hallelujah! It's a Miracle!

Well, I told you about the wine that got spilled (was that my hand?) on my 2 year old MacBook Pro. I finally went into an Apple store and took it to the Genius Bar. The geniuses there told me that all components had been affected by the spill and there was a flat rate of $755 to clean it up and replace the damaged components. I did not leave the computer because, in my usual cautious manner, wanted to think about it. I was pretty upset. We had to have a big repair done on the front end of the car ($1200) and another bunch of money added to that was not going to be possible.

I had kept the computer turned upside down with a paper towel on the keyboard, where most of the wine had gone. I had also opened the back and mopped up as much of the wine as I could.
My first reaction was to do this.
Then I turned it upside down like this with a paper towel under the keyboard
Then I opened the back, removed the battery and the hard drive and dried under them 

A couple of days ago I was packing stuff away and I thought I would just try once more to fire it up again. As soon as I attached the power cord, the orange charge light came on. A miracle! The computer fired up as normal and all is well with the world.

My African Lion desktop.


  1. Great news, I wonder if Apple would have done the same and charged you the $800?

    1. The funny thing was that I had lost 2 screws when I took the back off to air it out. When I got it back from the "genius" the same 2 screws were still missing, so I don't think they even opened it.

  2. Wow that is great news. We had a waterlogged phone and a camera as well that were rescued by a bag of rice. Sure saves big bucks. I'll bet you were doing the happy dance. I know I would be. Really amazing that they apparently didn't even open the machine. Doesn't speak very well for Apple and I'm so sick of Microsoft I was thinking of putting out the money to go Apple. Well except for the fact that I am hooked on LiveWriter to make my blog so much easier. Guess I could do Apple and quit blogging since I hate blogger. That would give me a lot more free time. HA!

    1. I LOVE my Apple products. They just work....except when you spill wine on them!