Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is it really Camp Depression?

Our next stop was at The Oaks at South Point in Yemassee, South Carolina. This is a Thousand Trails park so it cost us nothing. We once met a lady here who travels on her own and she nicknamed this Campground "Camp Depression". We disagree, we quite like this campground as it is so peaceful.

The view through our wind shield.

While we were at Yemasee my computer stopped working. Nothing, nada, zip. The charging cable does not light up and the computer wont turn on. We went to Beaufort to have it checked at the Best Buy store. They used their cable and the same thing. No sign of life. so now I have to wait until we can get to an Apple Store to have it checked. I hope it is not too expensive to fix! Most of my photos are on my external drive so I cannot upload any to the blog.  Update...I fixed it!

The Oaks is quite close to Hunting Island, one of our favourite places. Arch and Anne Chisholm of The Accidental RVers were staying there for a few days and we got an invite for steamed shrimp and pie. Who could resist? so off we went for the afternoon. A walk on the lovely beach at low tide and then back to their site for this yummy shrimp, salad and home made bread, followed by Cranberry Apple crumble pie. Thank goodness my scale batteries are dead and it can't tell me bad news.

Hunting Island Beach

Trees stranded on the beach by erosion over the years.

More trees

Michael pondering his next shot.

Timmy, Arch and Michael heading back to the campground

Arch and Anne's site #21

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