Friday, December 13, 2013

Checking out South Padre Island.

We have some friends, Joe and Anne, in Hamilton, Ontario who bought a Newmar product a month or two before we bought ours. In fact it was partly because we liked their Kountry Aire motorhome so much that we decided to go for a Newmar. They have been doing a lot of travelling. in the summer they went to the Maritimes and now they are in Texas. At the KOA in South Padre to be exact. They will be flying home for for Christmas so we picked a nice warm sunny day to go over to S. Padre Island to see them.
Anne hamming it up in front of their RV.
While we were there we took the opportunity to check out Isla Blanca County Park. It is very nice, if a touch bleak but we would stay there in a heartbeat. Not long term mind you, I would worry about the RV rusting with that wind off the ocean, but maybe for about a week. it is right on the beach, so great for beach combers and fishermen.
The beach from the circular drive around Isla Blanca
Kids playground at Isla Blanco.
The ocean was very rough and grey.
The KOA is on the bay side, very clean and neat, and quite expensive.
Joe and Anne's site
KOA, S. Padre Island
The sites are large gravel. Hard to walk on, but very clean and neat.

Joe took us on a drive up the island and we stopped off at Sea Turtle Inc, a turtle resue facility that was started by The Turtle Lady. Click HERE to read her story.

Large turtle skull.
My attempt at an artistic photograph of a turtle in an enclosure.
Gerry, Ila's favourite turtle.
sea wateer pumping station at the centre.
Coming up for air
Michael and Joe at the Turtle Rescue place
Many turtles had been brought to the center because of the very cold weather over the past few days. they will be released back to the ocean when it warms up.
We watched an Aussie guy at the visitor centre carving a wonderful sand castle.
Sand Castle builder, Joe, Anne and Michael

What a work of art!
We had a fantastic day at SPI, ending with a spectacular sunset and a lovely curry dinner with some lovely friends.
this photo is completely unaltered from my iPhone. Spectacuar!


  1. A nice spot to visit, we were there a few years ago, but we much prefer Arizona.

    1. Ya, George. We are not too happy with the weather here. Cool, rainy and windy. Don't think we will be back next year. Arizona next year or the following year.