Tuesday, December 14, 2010

London and SNOW!

We have been in London for a week and it has snowed every day! We arrived here on December 9th, having been delayed by a day because of a very bad multi-vehicle crash on Highway 401. The cat didn't care, she had food, water and a warm bed. We got ourselves settled, made up our bed and hunkered down. It has pretty much not stopped snowing for 7 days. It is just awful outside, difficult to get around, messy and slippery. I am very nervous about the trip down to Maryland in the RV in January. I hope that it stops snowing soon. They are also having some lake effect snow over on Highway 81 in Upstate New York as well.

Looking down the road. When we arrived at the house there was no snow on the ground.

The day we arrived Michael had to shovel the driveway before he could the car into the driveway.

The deck at the back of the house

Sunset over the roofs

Michael shovels the front pathway

Getting some help from Yvonne, a friend who stayed overnight as she could not get home

This is Milo, our ward.
Here are some pictures of the cat and the snow around the area where we are house and cat sitting.

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