Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lazy day

We had a nice slow paced day today. A bike ride around the lake and a swim in the pool and some relaxing. The weekdays here are so nice quiet. At the weekend, everyone comes up from Friday to Sunday and the place is packed!

We are gradually getting things sorted out in the MH and a huge bag of junk went into the garbage. We have so many duplicates and so now we have tossed out the oldest and kept the best. Things that can do double or triple duty are being kept. I find that I have to put the emotion aside and think of the practicality of each object.

We have a huge issue with earwigs. They seem to be gathering in all the moist dark corners. I have read on the internet that Borax will get rid of them. I will be getting a box the next time I go shopping. I have yet to find out if they can do any damage.

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