Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A coincidence and a great plan for July!

While we were in Churchville, NY, we met the Alves family who also live in Pickering (small world). They also have a Triple E C class RV. A bit older than ours, but great for their family trips. It turns out that they have been trying to get a storage spot at Moodies for some time. We are going to try and get Steve at Moodies to give them our spot , they in turn, will allow us to park on their seasonal site up in the Stouffville area from June 20th or there abouts, until the end of July . This is all working out very well. Holding thumbs that Steve has not promised our site to someone else. What did I say about someone else being in control of our lives?? I think that is making itself more and more obvious!

I have set up the MagicJack and got a Markham number which is local calling from Toronto. The kids and friends up here will be able to call without incurring long distance charges and we can call North America from anywhere in the world for only $30 a year!! I love technology!

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