Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A flurry of activity

I advertised some stuff on Kijiji.ca and it was all sold. I sold 2 tow hitches, a bike rack and 2 filing cabinets.

I have spoken to a friend (Hermien) in the real estate business and she says DO NOT SELL!! Rent the condo furnished to a business if possible.
Businesses around the area are always looking for places to temporarily house visiting executives. I had heard that the local power generating station is doing some refurbishments and they will be bringing in people. We also have numerous office buildings in the area that may be interested. For a furnished rental we may get top dollar. By renting, it means that we still have the use of the storage locker downstairs for storing out of season clothes and those things that may still be of use to us. Not cutting the cord completely. Full timing may not work out and then we will have somewhere to come home to.

Good advice, Hermien! She and her hubby, Dirk are coming round in a couple of weekends time to help us to dress the house for photos and offer some help. What a friend!!

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