Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Great Weekend!

The weather turned out sunny, but cold. We had a very nice site right next to Lake Ontario. Everything in the trailer worked just fine and we were very cozy. Our Rockwood has a heated mattress which is wonderful when it is just above freezing outside. There were not many campers, just a handful of motorhomes, trailers and pop-ups plus a few hardy tent campers. It was so cold after the sun went down, that the tent campers over the road from us packed up and left in the night.

We took a long walk along the lake shore to the bird sanctuary in the GM plant grounds. There were birds everywhere (I guess that's because it's a bird sanctuary). We saw a lovely little Canada goose family swimming in the bay. The swans were swimming around with their wings all plumped up and they looked so regal!

There were a lot of fishermen on the bay. I wonder what they catch? We have only seen carp in the water, but I guess there must be other fish there.

This was the first weekend that Darlington was open, so we were able to stay beyond the 2 pm deadline because no-one else was booked on the site. We packed up slowly, re-organizing cupboards as we went. We are deciding what we can get rid of so that trailer will be lighter for the long trip down to the States in August. How did we accumulate so many chairs?? Two umbrellas? 4 tables? 2 kettles? These extras have to go.

I am off again 2 weeks and we are booked at Darlington again for the long weekend. Suzanne's baby is due soon, so we won't be going anywhere too far away.

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