Thursday, November 20, 2014

St Mary's, Georgia.

We have been having trouble at Walkabout with our satellite signal. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not. Have spent countless hours on the phone with Dish so we decided to take the receiver to a Dish authorized service shop in Kingsland. Well, we went to the address listed on the Dish website and guess what? Yup! Empty store. Thanks Dish. Appreciate the run around.

Anyways, we made a turnaround and drove into St Mary's. Our first port of call was the Submarine Museum which was very interesting. An hour there looking at all the submariny type things and then a walk along the riverfront.

Lunch at Langs Seafood Restaurant, which was so-so. A walk around town photographing the lovely old houses and the riverfront, and back home to Timmy, who was overjoyed to see us, as usual.

Cheers, off to Cumberland Island tomorrow. So stay tuned!

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  1. Amazing how bad the customer service is at these major companies. So glad to hear you are going to Cumberland. Have you tried just putting your pictures on your hard drive and copying them and pasting them into your blog. It worked for me. More time consuming than using Livewriter but if I remember right you have a Mac and can't use that anyway.