Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our (Rainy) week in Rockport, Texas.

The weather was not great. The temps went below freezing a few nights during the week and we had a LOT of rain,but it sure beat the terrible storm that was occurring further to the north of us. So glad we left Medina Lakes. Most days we stayed close to home, planning the rest of our winter and contacting various campgrounds to plan out our next few stops.

While we were at Bay View, we took the opportunity to check out Magnolia Beach a free boondocking beach near Port Lavaca, Port Aransas beach boondocking area, Mustang Island and the town of Rockport. Here are some photos.

Rockport Bay

Rockport Bay

Magnolia Beach, Port Lavaca. (Truly free boondocking)

Small trailer boondocking on the beach

Picnic shelters and tables line the beach

This boondocker did not venture onto the beach.

Statue near Indianola

House on stilts

Another portion of the free beach

Heading down to Indianola

There is that trailer camped on the beach.

Magnolia Beach

Ferry across to Port Aransas


Port Aransas beach

Port Aransas beach

Port Aransas beach

Port Aransas beach

Mustang Island State Park

Campsites at Mustang Island State Park

Sailboat braving the elements

Old town Rockport

Unusual geodesic house in Rockport


  1. Your Rio Grande post didn't show up. We're also down here in the valley..where are you?

    1. I am adding photos to that post, so put it back in draft mode. We are at Kenwood in La feria. Moving to Tropic Winds on Jan 11th. Where Are you?

    2. Ok. Just found in your blog that you are at Bentsen Palms. We will have to meet up..

  2. We had that kind of weather for an entire month when we were in Rockport.