Sunday, July 25, 2010

Great days and family time

We had a great weekend with our daughter Suzanne, and her 2 little boys, Noah and Owen. Our son-in-law is working over in Seoul, South Korea so we took the opportunity of getting her over to Cedar Beach for a few days. It was tight in the Motor home but we managed. Suzanne slept in the bedroom with the 2 babies in bed with her, Michael on the overhead cab and me on the sofa bed. We had a ball even though it rained hard on Wednesday night and the kids were disturbed by the sound of the rain on the roof. It is very loud! Noah enjoyed the pool, splash pad and the beach. We couldn't really swim in the lake, because of high bacteria levels in the water after all the rain. We did have some great times in the pool. Noah is quite afraid of the water and doesn't like getting his face wet. I did get him in with a tube around his waist and he even let go of my hands a few times. Great progress!

It was sad to have to take them home this evening.

Photos coming!

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