Thursday, April 04, 2013

Chesapeake Thousand Trails and a trip to Yorktown VA.

After our very busy week in Myrtle Beach, we have now moved a bit further north to Gloucester, Virginia where the Chesapeake Thousand Trails Resort is situated on the west bank of the Piankatank River. We are very fortunate in that it is open so early in the season. I am not sure if it open all year or not. This is a very big campground with a lot of water around it. Mature trees and a small beach. It must be a very pretty campground in summer, however, right now it is pretty bleak. The weather has been cold with a nasty wind bowing over the icy waters of the river. We have just been taking things easy as Michael has not received his temporary drivers licence. We are really hoping it will be emailed to us by my sister in the next few days.

We found a take out place called Diggs where bought some wonderful crab cakes, devilled crab and crab muffins. Yummy!

My apologies for not getting my posts updated as I have been unwell.

Crossing the bridge over the York River

Our first site on the banks of the Piankatank River. Very wet and cold.

Then we moved further away from the river onto a bigger site, away from the icy cold wind.

The bank of the Piankatank River

Activity Center

Activity Center and playground

Long dock

Small sandy beach

The campground from the dock
Small lake near the campground

The beach at Yorktown

Yorktown and the bridge across the York River


Beautiful old house in Yorktown

Historical buildings

Sites at Chesapeake Thousand Trails
The best site in the CG!

Timmy says, Yes please can we stay here next year?

Very calm on the river

Timmy loved running around and digging in the soft sand on the river bank

Low tide on the river

The campground is right on the river.

Our site

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