Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Boiler woes.

Where are we today? 
Whitby, Ontario

Our daughter, son-in-law and 2 grand babies moved into the house over the weekend. We had been concerned about the water dripping out of the boiler for the heating system. It seemed a bit more than what we expected so we called in a heating technician who turned up early on Saturday morning, opened the boiler and immediately red tagged it. This means that we have to replace the boiler within 45 days as there is a real danger of carbon monoxide poisoning due to the rusted innards. The tech told us it was going to cost in the region of $13,000! GULP!!

On Monday the owner of the heating business came around and quoted us for replacing the boiler, re-working the piping, installing a new pressure release tank, a new liner for the flue and a pump to take the released water over to the basement drain. $9200 for the entire job, parts, labour and taxes. We do not have much time left here in Ontario, so what could we do?? They did the installation on Tuesday. What a great job they did, too. The heating is now safe and a lot more economical. We can go away, in the knowledge that our children and grandies are warm and safe over the next 20+ winters.

So we are now preparing to leave on Friday, before the next round of rain and before this back yard turns into a quagmire. First stop will probably be at the Camping World in Syracuse where we can, most likely get an overnight spot with electricity, then down to my sister in Keedysville, Maryland, for a few days.

The old boiler

The new super, duper, high efficiency boiler

View from the side


  1. Those kinds of things never seem to end, but you did what you had to do and all will sleep better and warmer too. Glad you are hitting the road soon, how will your new addition do with traveling? Safe travels.

  2. Ouch...that kind of hurts, especially when you are getting ready to leave. Glad it is all taken care of, and you can fly south!

  3. Ouch on having to replace it, but peace of mind knowing it's done.

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