Thursday, June 09, 2005

Killarney Provincial Park

In 1999 we planned a trip to Northern Ontario to go on the train trip to the Agawa Canyon. On the way up we stayed for 3 nights at Killarney Provincial Park. The first 2 nights were lovely and the daytime weather was spectacular. The third night was awful. It started raining in the evening and then we were hit by a tremendous storm. I am terrified of lightening and it was very scary to be in a tent with thunder and lightening. I buried myself inside the sleeping bag and eventually went to sleep. In the morning it was still raining and there was quite a lot of water inside the tent! We decided to pack up and leave, and after falling out of the tent into a muddy puddle, I decided that I would NOT camp in a tent again, and we haven't.

We travelled up to Sault Ste Marie and stayed in a log cabin at the local KOA. It was lovely and warm and dry!

More next time about the wonderful trip to Agawa Canyon.

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