Saturday, April 30, 2005

Plans for July

I just received an email from my sister in Maryland and she has offered to have Father for 3 weeks. Our 86 year old father lives with me and we are pretty much tied to the house, except for the odd weekend here and there.

We liberated Dad from South Africa in 1999 and then in 2000 he landed up in hospital having open heart surgery for replacement of a calcified Aortic valve. This left him very frail and we cannot leave him on his own for too long. Now that he may be going to the US in July, this leaves us freed up for a week long trip somewhere.

Thinking of going to Northern Ontario somewhere, maybe Halfway Lake or in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Another possibility is The Pinery on Lake Huron. We've never been there and have heard good things.

I would like to try dry camping again as we do have 45 watts of solar panels. We used these panels 2 years ago when we dry camped at Assateague State Park in Maryland. It is enough to keep the battery charged, plus a bit extra for an hour of TV a day. When we go fulltime, we will have enough solar energy to keep us powered up for computer, satellite and TV as well as the monitors and fridge. This is something that we are still investigating. Something else that interests us is wind power. If anyone has any experience with this please email us.

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