Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A Faulty Place - Thousand Palms Oasis

On our last afternoon at Palm Springs we decided to go and check out Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve which is right on the San Andreas Fault. We took Timmy with us and then saw the signs at the parking lot that pets are not permitted, so Michael stayed in the car with him while I went in quickly to take some photos.

No Pets. Boo Hoo!


Palm Grove

Short walk around the oasis

Information center

I have a picture of me taken in this exact spot about 5 years ago

Boardwalk through the grove and over the aquifer.


Hello little froggy

The direction of the San Andreas fault.


  1. Such a beautiful area to explore too bad no Timmies allowed.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. It brought back wonderful memories of that area. I love that oasis!

  3. So beautiful. One of us often has to stay in the truck with the pups. So lots of puctures are a good thing.