Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Winterfest in the hot Arizona sunshine and crossing London Bridge.

On Sunday we decided to go up to Lake Havasu City to the Winterfest. As if we did not already have our fill of flea markets after Quartzsite. We drove north on Parker Dam rd and crossed the dam wall again and then carried further north up to Lake Havasu City.

Sand dune just off Parker Dam Rd

A good shot of Parker Dam

The drives around here are all so picturesque that I took lots of photos, but the photos just do not do justice to the beautiful panoramas.

As we got into Lake Havasu, we saw some really fancy houses.

I think all the booths from the La Paz County fair were all here in Lake Havasu

Cloth bags

Wind chimes

Metal flowers

Lotsa people here
 After walking the length of the flea market we walked back again. About a mile each way. Bought a couple of things and then went to find the London Bridge.
The bridge is actually over a canal that runs between the city of Havasu City and an island that was formed after the canal was cut through. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article about the bridge, along with some interesting photos.

We drove across and found parking on the other side.

Timmy and Dee at the bridge

Lots of Union Jacks

This is supposed to be an English Village

Strong wind from the west

The canal

Old Lamp post

Ferry boat coming back to shore


Gorgeous mountains in the background

Base of Lamp
 Unfortunately we did not know about the water taxi across to the casino until after we had left. Something to come back for!

Thanks for coming along with us.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it there, more to see and do, and always more great sites.