Monday, February 27, 2017

Dinosaurs in the desert and Mexican dinner with new friends.

Palm Springs RV Resort
Palm Desert, California

From Salton Sea we took Route 78 up to Borrego Springs State Park. Again wonderful views of the desert and mountains.

Loved this view of the road disappearing into the distance

We have seen some of the metal sculptures before and drove around taking a few pictures of some of them. Michael was a little hesitant to take the truck onto the sandy desert roads, but some of the sculptures were so far off off the road that he did anyway, and it was fine.

To give you an idea of the size of these things here is a picture of Michael next to this bird of prey. 

It looks as if the dinosaurs are looking to eat the contents of the truck (Michael and Timmy)

Detail of the mouth

Claw detail


We did not see all the sculptures as we had plans to see some new friends at about 3:00 pm. If you want to see more there is a good photography web site where there are lots of photos and their history.

Set the GPS to the boondocking location on Rockhouse Road and a short drive later we found John and Gayle's Montana Fifth Wheel. This free boondocking area is apparently owned by the Avery family (Avery labels, cards etc). They very graciously allow camping here.

Very quiet location with a few other RVs camped quite a distance away. 
 We had met John and Gayle, from Owen Sound,  back in Quartzsite at Silly Al's Pizza place. We had a short happy hour at their trailer and then proceeded to Carmelita's Mexican Cantina in Borrego Springs.

I have been craving Mexican food since we have been in the South West. Having missed finding the restaurant in Los Algodones, this was a good choice. I had a taco and Chile Rejenos. Michael had a shredded beef burrito. Our meals were accompanied by mexican rice and refried beans. Delicious.

It was so lovely to get to know our dinner partners and discovered that we are much the same age and have been been married almost the same length of time. (Donkey's years)

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  1. Love the area there and so nice that you met up with John and Gayle again. So many sculptures to see and we have seen most on=ver the years, Glad you had a good time there.