Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Dining shelter, A, B, C or 5er?? That is the question...

Salome, AZ

Up early this am. Timmy must be wondering what is going on because we are not usually up so early. A quick potty walk for him before breakfast and then settling down to catch up on emails, blogs, news and Facebook. Then open up the online bank and pay the credit card bills. It is amazing how quickly they add up. Anyway all the bills are paid and everything is right with the world.

Our daughter Suzanne informed us that they were going to be hit with an ice storm today. Something we do not miss. No matter how cool and windy the weather is here, it is not as bad as in Ontario. I am thankful.

Short walk down to The Market just north of us. It was so full of junk that I totally forgot to take pictures. The owners are from Wisconsin and they have the place up for sale. I asked them how long it had been on the market. "oooh, a year or two" was the answer. I doubt they will ever sell it. Salome is a very depressed area. They had better clean the place up if they ever want to have a chance to sell it. They are very old and from the looks of them, not in the best health. I wish them luck. 

The rest of the day was spent reading. Michael is getting to the end of Ken Follett's Century Trilogy. I am just starting. Thank goodness for eReaders. I would hate to lug those heavy books around. 

I also spent quite a bit of time checking out different RVs. Our little trailer is very nice and cozy, but it is just a bit too cozy. We may upgrade to something like a Class C. We have a car that is set up to be towed plus all the necessary equipment to tow it so it makes sense that we should look for a motorhome. I have also looked at bigger trailers and 5th wheels (we would have to get a bigger truck which would be very costly). B Class RVs are just too small. Another A Class?? I do know that we will not get a big diesel again. Just too expensive to maintain! Maybe a used A Class gasser. Our friends, George and Suzie Yates had the right idea when they chose theirs. Those models are few and far between. Nice because of the aluminum outside and roof. 

I even looked at Super C motorhomes but those are so expensive. Maybe we should keep what we have and just buy a dining shelter to use in inclement weather. We shall see.

Tomorrow we pack up and move north to Parker where we will be staying at Emerald Cove RV Resort. Another membership park.

For my non-RVing friends and relatives Click here for a link to explain the different kind of RVs. 

Thanks for coming along!


  1. Decisions, Decisions there are so many choices but everyone is different and you have to choose what will work best for you. Maybe something you both can drive just in case Mike gets Tired, Sick or Injured.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Decisions, decision.... so many options, a small class A, w/ gas engine should have more storage than a class c ours has lots....