Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Picking grapefruit, an inch of rain and snow on the mountains

Palm Springs RV Resort
Palm Desert, California

In the park there are many grapefruit trees that have the remains of this last years harvest. The Gatehouse has picker that is available for loan to collect delicious fruit. Michael was able to get some pink grapefruit for my breakfasts.

Learning how to use the picker

Almost got one

There they are, right at the top

Ahh! got one!

A LOT of rain fell over the San Diego area and we got the overflow. An inch of rain in our area overnight. This morning we had the evidence in lots of puddles and snow on the nearby mountains. There are still a lot of clouds pouring over the mountains but I am confident that once those clouds clear we will have a spectacular view of the mountain peaks.

We spent a quiet day at home sitting in the warm sunshine reading our books and generally chilling out.  

Lots of RVs coming in today because the rain in the west has flooded several parks. Travellers have been redirected here. We are now almost full. 

That is Mt San Jacinto peaking out at the top.

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  1. At least you guys were dry , love the fresh grapefruit there, enjoy.

  2. After our busy weekend I'm finding out that you haven't been sitting still either. The sites you've been seeing are some of the ones we already have on our to see list for next winter, but you are also giving us more ideas.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.