Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Desert Adventure and wonderful new friends.

Northshore RV Resort
Needles, California

From Emerald Cove we went west along Parker Dam road and then CA-62 for about 30 KMs. Then we missed the turn to 95 N and carried on for about 4 kms before we realized our mistake.

Picture this (because I forgot to take a picture). Single lane each way in the the middle of the desert, dips every few yards and loose sand on either side of the road. No turn around areas. Many miles before we could turn at a crossroad. What did we do? Said a prayer, found an area where the road had better visibilty both ways and made a quick U Turn. This is one time when we were very thankful that we have a tiny trailer!

Our trip took us through the Mojave Desert (For my SA friends it is pronounced Moharvee). Incredible views of the desert with mountains circling the area.

Our destination was Northshore RV Resort in Needles, California, another Colorado River Adventures Resort. We have Coast to Coast and RPI Memberships so can stay at these resorts for only $10 a night.

We had met Russ and Kay Wallace through RVillage, at Emerald Cove briefly for Happy Hour and were thrilled that they would be at Northshore when we got there.

After we were set up on our site we re-connected and enjoyed another great Happy Hour in fantastic warm weather. Even Timmy and Jake are friends.

Welcome to North Shore

Rock formation on Parker Dam Road

Into the desert

Somewhere like this that we did a U Turn.

Our site at North Shore

Upstream on the Colorado


Dee, Russ and Kay

Before the rain started

Water level was low in the morning, and high in the afternoon.


Sculpture made out of a Shovel. a rake, Rebar and other bits and pieces of metal.

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  1. We loved reconnecting at North Shore!