Saturday, February 11, 2017

A circular drive to Parker Dam, a swap meet, burros and fantastic views

Someone here in the park told us about a swap meet or flea market up at the La Paz County Park north of Parker so we decided to go and see if there was anything that we absolutely had to have. A quick drive across the Colorado, through Parker and we found the County Park. It was a small market with just a few stalls, maybe because there were rain showers and a cold wind blowing. Didn't take long to walk around the booths. We bought 2 chocolate chip cookies and a bag of avocados.

Very quiet day at the market.

I liked that rug with the animal prints. 

The couple that we bought the Avocadoes from.

Kids fishing competition

Saw a funny looking rig. Looks like the guy cut off the back off his C Class and added a hitch for a 5th Wheel.

Chopped off C Class

I wonder what he pulls with it.

At the county park there is a campground, so we took a drive around that. Lots of rigs parked really close together. Some nice sites along the river with a cabana. Fairly reasonable prices.

One awning was touching the trailer next to it.

I love Arctic Fox RVs. Wish we could afford one.

Then we carried on further north, stopped in at Buckskin Mountain State Park, and then to Parker Dam, back across the Colorado and southward back home. We saw wild burros, lots of RV resorts and amazing scenery. Check out our photos.

An interesting rock formation

At Buckskin Mountain State Park

Another RV Resort across the river

These tent cabanas rent for $30 a night.

Tenting area

Across the river

Dramatic Rock formations

The core of an ancient volcano

The Parker dam wall. Impressice structure.

The Colorado below the dam wall

The Colorado

Dam wall

Wild Burro on the side of the road. 
Another one

Thanks for following along.

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