Saturday, November 08, 2014

I can't believe six months has gone by already.

Well, here we are on our way south already. I will try and update a post about our summer, but for now I want to start recording the 2014/2015 winter trip.

We left Cedar Beach park on October 31st and headed down to Whitby, east of Toronto. Our daughters house has a level 50 ft driveway, so it is a great place to stop for a few days before leaving. We get to spend some time with our grandsons as well as our daughter and son in law. This year was extra special because our son and his fiancee were in Ontario. They arrived from France at the beginning of October and leave on November 5th. We decided to stay until the 6th so that we are able to take them to the airport.

On our daughter's driveway.

The weather was turning really cold and so we were chomping at the bit to get going. We left Whitby the morning of the 6th November and stopped at a farm overnight. We are members of Boondockers Welcome and this farm is listed in their database. The farm is very close to the 401 highway just West of London, so it was a no brainer to contact the hosts and arrange for an overnight stay.

The next day we crossed the border at Windsor and from there a quick hop onto the I-75. Crossing the border was really easy. There was almost no wait, a pleasant chat with the U.S. border guard and we were off. He even said hello to Timmy.

The I-75 is in a bad state of repair in Michigan and they are repairing a long length of it. It was quite scary as the road is very narrow and the 18 wheelers barrel down there at quite a speed. As soon as we crossed into Ohio, the road was great and I could relax.

Our first night in the US was at Lakewood Village Resort, which is a membership campground. We camped here using our Coast to Coast membership and it cost us a whole $10! We got a pull through as we had to dump and fill after a week without hookups. The park is really nice and if we are heading up this way in the spring, we will make sure to stop here again. The only problem was that the sewer was right in the back of the site and in order for us to reach it with our hose, we had to have the RV parked almost in the roadway behind us.

We only spent the one night there because we were in a hurry to get as far south as possible.


  1. Glad you got out when you did with all the snow up that way. Good luck with the computer.

  2. Thank you, Jim and Sandie. Yes we are also very happy that we are not "up North". Computer is fixed! see my latest post!